Stacking Request

We request that you stack incoming flooring as closely as possible to the following specifications.  Improper stacking can decrease efficiences by up to 40%.

Flooring on the ideal skid is:

    • stacked face up without internal straps
    • stacked 42” to 45” wide and 37" to 45” high
    • strapped with two or three bands on the outside
    • strapped with runner boards to hold the straps away from the flooring.


Additionally, the top row should be face-down to protect the flooring.


We recognize that some mills cannot stack flooring without bundling and strapping it. In this case we request the following:

    • Place all flooring face up within the bundles.
    • Turn the TOP ROW of bundles upside-down on the skid.
    • Bundle as high as practical rather than four high which is common.
    • Use the minimum amount of straps that will secure the bundles.
    • NO “INTERNAL” METAL STRAPPING OR PACKING! (Outer bands only). Internal metal straps create a fire hazard.
    • No staples or other metal should be used on flooring to be prefinished.


These procedures will bring bundled product close to “flat stacked” for our purposes with minium disruption to most mills.


It is also crucial that none of the boards are placed tongue to tongue: this causes the boards to climb on each other during the finishing process, which will jam and damage the equipment.


We cannot process flooring blanks less than 12" long as they will damage our line.


Flooring blanks which are bowed, skied, or twisted will result in defective finishing if they can be run at all. Blanks which cannot be run will be cut down whenever possible and counted toward the end matching allocation.


If these specifications present a problem, we will be glad to work with you to find a system that is workable for all parties.