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40 years of experience

Over a period of more than 40 years WoodCare Denmark has developed, produced and marketed its range of pre-treatment and extensive variety of industrial oil solutions. The company was one of the first in the industry to introduce oil based finishes to furniture- and flooring manufactures.

Natural protection for wood

All WOCA products are:

1. Eco-friendly products based on natural vegetable oils and soaps

2. Harmless for humans and environment – both during manufacturing and usage

3. Developed with the respect for wood as a natural raw material

4. Produced to meet the VOC regulations as well as building biological standards

A high-quality oil-soap system

WoodCare Denmark’s oil-soap system consists of natural, penetrating and hardening oil that saturates the surface and protects the wood from the inside. The saturation of the pores of the wood ensures a hardwearing, dirt resistant surface without compromising the direct contact to the wood itself.

Range of Colors

An exciting array of colors and special effects can be achieved through WOCA’s pre-treatments and pigmented oils.

After installation of floor

Right after installation it is recommended that floors are touched up with an additional coat of WOCA Oil. Depending on the saturation of the individual factory oil-finish, WOCA Maintenance Oil/-Paste or even WOCA Master Oil are recommended to use. This is done to ensure optimal dirt and water resistance from the beginning. Finally, a fully saturated oil finish simplifies the ongoing regular cleaning of the floor with WOCA Soap/-Oil Refresher. Who would invest in quality wood floors and then not care for it afterwards? For detailed how-to instructions, please study:

How to apply Maintenance Oil

How to apply Maintenance Paste

Regular cleaning of wood floors

WOCA Natural Soap enables an easy and effective cleaning of oiled floors while creating an additional microscopically protective layer of coconut and soya on top of the oiled surface at the same time. The nourishing soap residue quickly closes the pores of the wood to protect the surface from wear and tear while ensuring an easy and efficient ongoing cleaning of the floor.

How to clean oiled floors with Natural Soap

Maintenance of oiled floors As time goes, the wood needs to be rejuvenated and buffed withWOCA Maintenance Oil or – Paste to saturate and revitalize the oiled wood surface again. The maintenance can be done locally. Maintenance Paste is also ideal for UV-oiled floors.

How to Maintain Oiled Floors with Maintenance Oilbadge

How to Refresh Oiled Floors with Maintenance Paste

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