Inventory Control

Premiere believes in technology to help improve efficiency and inventory control.   

When your product arrives, we assign part numbers and label each one with barcodes.

With our wireless network and inventory control systems, your inventory is available to view through our secure online portal anytime of day or night.

You may need to see:

  • WirelessRaw hardwood flooring before finishing
  • Work orders before finishing
  • Committed raw flooring to finish
  • Open shipping orders
  • Shipping orders that are packed (ready to ship)
  • Shipping orders already shipped
  • Pro Numbers or BOL numbers
  • Hardwood flooring in stock
  • Hardwood flooring available (in stock minus commitment to shipping orders)

Your business runs on accurate information.  This information is available anytime online, and is secured.  Be sure to ask for a customer user name and password.

Want to know all  the details?   Sign into our live time inventory system.  

In Stock: The number of sq/ft in stock minus on hold and orders that are packed for shipping.

Packed: The number of sq/ft packed for shipping orders.

Committed: The number of sq/ft ready to be finished for a work order or a shipping order yet to be packed.

On hold: The number of sq/ft on hold for different reasons.

Total: The total number of sq/ft in inventory regardless of status.

Inventory Online