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Because of our position within the hardwood flooring industry, we are often approached by customers who would like to purchase flooring.  

Although this is NOT our primary business, this is a service we can offer you which will afford you additional sales while you are warehousing your product in Reidsville, North Carolina.

There is a “real-time” inventory price list on our website  on which you can choose to list your product.  At no time do we divulge your company name or source.  We password protect this price list in order that it cannot be accessed by

You determine the cost of the material, and PFC adds a small markup for administration fees.  Our sales staff is very discerning in offering your product, and is very knowledgeable in all species offered.

PFC always requests “permission” from you to prior to selling your product.  Once we have the release to sell from you, we take care of the rest of the process.  Once your product ships, we forward the packing list to you informing you that it has been released, at which time you would then invoice PFC.

This is a simple process for you, and will increase your sales of your hardwood flooring.  We assign your SKU# to your product and list it in the proper category.   Your cost is never revealed on this price list, only the Sell Price.

If you would like your product to be included in our price list, have questions, comments, or concerns about this service,


Barbara E. Liccardo 

National Hardwood Sales & Marketing Director 

"if you can dream it we can finish it!"

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